Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fix the System or Fiddle the Budget?

I would rather fix the system. My last blog was perhaps a bit whimsical in pointing out a concern in the school systems budgeting. In my 23 years of executive leadership as an Air Force officer, I found that laxness in one part of an activity is a good indicator that there are problems throughout. We need our county school system to be as problem free as we can make it. I believe that with my experience as a senior manager and my years as a professional educator in the Technical School system give me the background and the tools needed to help weed out systemic problems and resolve them rather than shying away from them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's Up DOC? Taxes?

     I've heard several people express concern about the county school system delaying the decision on a tax roll-up (technically this is not a TAX INCREASE, but we do pay more) until after the election. The reason I was given when I asked was that they were afraid of making a mistake on a millage rate and coming up short like they did last year. Of course, some believe it is an effort to keep incumbents in office.  After all, the system does have contingency funds to cover mistakes and some shortfalls due to budgetary mistakes.
     Do we really need to resort to shenanigans as keepers of the public trust? I never did in 23 years managing systems and budgets in the Air Force much larger than the school system budget, and mine were always ready on time. But perhaps these delays and mistakes in getting a budget are so common place that no one cares, even the news media. After all, the Obama administration hasn't passed a budget in years! This just follows their lead.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What Does the Doctor Mean?

     I keep getting asked the question, "What does the Doctor mean?" or "Doctor of What?" Here is my answer. I am Doctor Paul Godfrey. That Doctor stands for my Doctor of Workforce Education from The University of Georgia. Since I also graduated from The University of Georgia with a mathematics degree several years ago, I am what is known as a Double Dog. (FYI, my daughter Shelli is a Georgia Tech graduate).  I also have three master degrees from other universities, including a master in foundations of education. I taught in the classroom for 15 years, so I know a bit about that subject, too. That knowledge and experience in education is partly why I think I am qualified to ask for your vote in the Republican Party Primary for Post 3 of the Hall County Board of Education, or, as it was termed before 1945, the "school board."
     The other part is my 23 years of experience successfully devising and managing multimillion dollar equipment and systems as an officer in the Air Force. I developed a reputation for cutting costs while fielding cutting edge technology. I saved thousands in costs for special operations in Germany, got NATO to foot a good chunk of the millions for U.S. Cruise Missile command and control in Europe (we forced the Russians to take their nukes out of Europe with that and helped cause communism to crumble), saved millions in costs while providing state-of-the-art command and controls systems in the Persian Gulf (right, wrong, or indifferent, this helped the military do the job in Desert Storm in Iraq), and played a key role in creating and actually turning a profit for the Defense Data Network, the system that led directly to the internet we know today. While my officer fitness reports gave great praise for these and other actions, I just think I did my job.
     Now, I want to do my job for our school system using that same approach. I want the board to sustain a forward looking, yet conservative viewpoint for our school system. As a retired citizen with many years of experience and a proven management track record, I have the knowledge, the skills, and the time to devote to identifying and cutting any wasteful costs in the Hall County School System. As a trained educator and practiced teacher I will apply that knowledge and experience to ensure the educational system is moving in the right direction. You can read everything about me, my background, and the issues I want to address on my Website at . Anything you think is missing, just ask. I hope you agree I am the best man for the job.