Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's Up DOC? Taxes?

     I've heard several people express concern about the county school system delaying the decision on a tax roll-up (technically this is not a TAX INCREASE, but we do pay more) until after the election. The reason I was given when I asked was that they were afraid of making a mistake on a millage rate and coming up short like they did last year. Of course, some believe it is an effort to keep incumbents in office.  After all, the system does have contingency funds to cover mistakes and some shortfalls due to budgetary mistakes.
     Do we really need to resort to shenanigans as keepers of the public trust? I never did in 23 years managing systems and budgets in the Air Force much larger than the school system budget, and mine were always ready on time. But perhaps these delays and mistakes in getting a budget are so common place that no one cares, even the news media. After all, the Obama administration hasn't passed a budget in years! This just follows their lead.

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